Quantitative Securities Research, Inc. is a securities research firm founded on the premise that the residual earnings method of securities valuation offers the opportunity to create better stock valuation tools for investors and high capacity investment strategies that outperform the market with less than market risk1.

Since inception 22 years ago, our Large-Cap Low Volatility (as represented by the S&P 500® stocks) Investment Strategy portfolios outperformed the S&P 500 Total Return Index increase of 543.45% and annualized risk (Std Dev) of 16.14%. The following strategy portfolios held only highly liquid and transparent S&P 500 stocks:

Low Volatility Passive Strategy: 1,001.95% total return and annualized risk (Std Dev) of 15.46%.

Low Volatility Active Strategy: 1,186.72% total return and annualized risk (Std Dev) of 12.26%.

Low Volatility Passive Dividend Strategy: 1,386.05% total return and annualized risk (Std Dev) of 13.27%.

Low Volatility Active Dividend Strategy: 1,448.32% total return and annualized risk (Std Dev) of 12.00%.

Our investment strategies, managed by a prize winning chief investment officer, are available as separate managed accounts and also on a licensed basis to a limited number of global institutions.

Our commercial residual earnings valuation Model will be marketed under our brand or the customer's brand and customized to meet the requirements of the customer (see Customer).


[1] QSR developed the strategies without any help from Stephen H. Penman beyond what he teaches in Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation.